Infogate LED Display

We specialize in fixed and mobile LED Display panels, for indoor and outdoor use. We can make customized panel of any shape or size, which can work in day/night and even under heavy rains.

Integrated with world-class software, extra energy-saving design for 24/7 operation, and specialized in weather-proof casing, Infogate signage solutions are committed to offer advertisers the best using experiences. Featuring in color uniformity & color reproduction with state-of-the-art pixel calibration technology, signage applications exactly achieve special needs of advertising and commercial markets.

Our solutions can change the way Advertising industry works...


Outdoor Display

Outdoor LED Hoarding for Commercial use

Indoor Display

Top Quality screeens for Optimal Indoor Experience

Stadium Display

Football, Cricket, Atheletics, our screeens fit everywhere

Mobile Display

Truck mounted portable LED Display system

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Company Profile

Infogate Global Limited is a Global Manufacturing and consulting firm focusing on international trade. We have been helping customers source their products and/or find buyers beyond boundaries. We strive to create long term, mutually beneficial relationships for our clients based on trustworthiness and dependability.

Global Presence

Infogate offers 18 years of in-field industry experience in China, Hong Kong, India, the Pacific Rim, Western Europe and the Middle East dealing with hundreds of producers, manufacturers and service providers globally. We've developed export and import markets and/or operations in over twelve countries.


Infogate has developed an international reputation for exceptional customer service. Our performance systems and contract expertise maximize results and minimize agency and collection hassles, while our through Action Plans assure that critical tasks are done on time.

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Customer Testimonials

In this section, you can check Customer's feedback, about our company, our products and services.

Great LED Hoarding, using it outdoor, it looks great, even during bright daylight.
Maria Smith

We bought one LED wall from them, and installed it in Auditorium. It's huge, and it steals the show.
Prakash Singh

In 2012, we purchased the first screen in our city, and it's simply awesome.
Andrez Adamski